What to Do in Waikiki for the Whole Family

Cruising Beyond Waikiki

If you love water but do not feel like diving into it and adore spending time in the sea then cruising around and beyond Waikiki is just the right time-spending activity for you! If you are not fond of sea and water then there is also a great possibility to see the territory by renting a car. But with renting a car beware of the heavy traffic that is a common problem around Honolulu.

In general while travelling you will be able to feel the beauty of the nature admire perfect views of Honolulu; if talking about the sea tour - you would see the whole island from all sides and, which is the most lovely part of the trip, have a possibility to swim in the sea, jump from the boat and admire the gorgeous sunset!

At this trip parents will be able to see the beauty of the nature and children enjoy the great jumps from the boat topped with cookies and soda on the boat.

Dolphins and Whale Watching

This is probably one of the greatest Waikiki activities that you can join! All you do is hopping on board of a Hawaii Dolphins and Whale Watching Cruise. The cruise promises that you will see Hawaiian Spinner Dolphins as they are one of the most favorite aquatic mammals in Hawaii because they are very intelligent, playful and friendly with people and boats. Dolphins can be seen during the whole year so whenever you come you can join such cruise. Pacific Humpback Whales can be seen only between December and April, because in this period of the year they travel from Alaska to birth and also nurture newborn calves in the warm waters of Hawaii. Both whales and dolphins are absolutely not afraid of boats and people in general meaning that you get a possibility to see them up close from a glass-bottom boat or kind of zodiac raft. Some people say that this is a perfect entertainment for the whole day and that such cruise can never be boring!

These tours are available for the whole day or for half a day depending on your preferences and schedule.

Waikiki Aquarium

And the last but not least important thing to do in Waikiki that we want to propose to you is The Waikiki Aquarium. This is a world famous aquarium situated in Honolulu, Hawaii, which was founded in 1904, and in the matter of fact it is the second oldest public aquarium in the whole country of the United States.

The aquarium was built next to a real living coral reef on the Waikiki> shore, which makes this aquarium a home for more than 3,500 organisms of 490 species of various marine plants and animals. According to statistics each year over 330,000 people visit it. The Waikiki Aquarium has special programs to offer for children of different age and their parents, for example, you can watch sharks being fed and played with, and for little children there are mermaids shows every day.