How to collect a beautician bag for summer vacations

When hot season is ahead it means that it is time to get prepared for upcoming vacations. If the collection of swimsuits and beach dresses has already been packed, you should proceed to gathering and packing of cosmetics. What beauty products and best skin products to take on vacation and how to save space in your suitcase? Find more information about Costa Brava villa rentals.

5 types of cosmetic and skin care products you need to have at your hand to spend a perfect vacation

1. Creams with SPF for face and body
Creams with SPF-protection is a basic need on the beach. Even if you have already gained a chocolate tan in the city, such creams still should be used in the areas of high solar activity. They contain chemical and physical factors of protection against UVA and UVB rays. Your skin needs a reliable armor while sunbathing.

2. Sprays with SPF for hair
It is necessary to sunbath in a headdress - we remember this simple truth from the childhood. However, trichologists assure that hats and caps protect the scalp only, when locks themselves are still under attack of sun rays, wind and sea water. These natural factors deprive hair of moisture, that is why curls becomes thin, dry and brittle and eventually begin to fall out.

3. Moisturizers
You need to take moisturizers with you to restore the skin after tanning. You should acquire any moisturizing agent, which contains hyaluronic acid, vitamins, antioxidants, oils, amino acids. These will help you to avoid moisture loss and keep a tan.

4. Thermal water
Necessary thing, especially if you are going for a walk in the city when the sun is active or take a sunbath on the beach. Thermal water, which is composed of vegetable and flower extracts and minerals, not only refreshes, but also restores the dermis, helps the skin to avoid burns and irritations, saves moisture reserves in deep layers of the skin.

5. Products for the bath
Choose emollients, such as mousse or foam for taking bath. They should contain plant extracts, oils, thermal water - these components do not cause irritation and promote active regeneration of the skin.

Danny Campbell for about best skin care products to take on the road.

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